WERKS 2013 Off-Road Buggy Pipe Set "2010 version" # WRX6658C


$97.99  $75 - OVERSTOCK Sale!  

This is the Werks Racing 2013 Exhaust System with polished racing pipe and smooth flow standard manifold. This is the one piece variety and includes an off-road manifold, which attaches to the tuned pipe using three small springs. This pipe is designed for good top end performance, but it also has excellent bottom end performance on Werks Racing, Sirio and Trinity Extech based engines.


This is the updated "2010 Model". This version of the 2013 has been produced with heavy duty aluminum stock to create a thicker pipe wall diameter, as well as a braced stinger design for increased durability and lifespan compared to the previous version.



Price: $75.00